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Every day, we hear various languages being spoken as we walk along the streets of Singapore. Mandarin Chinese, being the second most widely spoken language in Singapore can be heard in hawker centres, schools, workplaces, and so on. At Alpha Language School, we want to bridge this language gap for expatriates residing in Singapore so that they can converse in Mandarin as they live and work here.

In essence, our General Chinese course is similar to its General English counterpart; students practise the four aspects of language learning (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). However, what is special about Alpha’s Chinese courses is the cultural aspect—we aim to give our students a better understanding of the unique position that Singapore holds in the Chinese-speaking world. We also target for our students to have an appreciation of the wide variety of Chinese languages and dialects, and the nuances between them.

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Cultural aspect of Chinese in Singapore

Differences of Chinese usage between China, Taiwan and Singapore

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Business Chinese Course
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm (Thur)
12 hours
3 -4

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